Pet Theft Awareness Week – 14th to 21st March 2018

Pet Theft Awareness Week starts tomorrow, the 14th March in the United Kingdom. Although it is an educational campaign supported and hosted by UK non-profit organisations, pet theft is an issue that affects pet owners across the globe, and hopefully my little blog will help to spread awareness not just throughout the UK, but to animal lovers far and wide. […] Read More

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Teen GPS Tracking Devices – Do You Dare Track Your Teenager?

Truth or Dare? Truth? Okay, here goes….. The truth is, that as a parent, as our child enters their teenage years, we worry more than we ever did. As they get older, it seems to get worse. We want them to grow confident and be independent, but then again, we don’t.. its contradictory. Have you ever sneaked a peek at […] Read More

Holding Hands

How I Used GPS to Track My Kids Location – Toddler Edition

I have been using GPS to track my kids and dogs for a few years now. Well technically, I’m using Bluetooth and GPS across a couple of different devices but, for the sake of this article, I’ll call it GPS tracking, even if it isn’t… but I digress already… I have mixed feelings about using trackers on children, so I […] Read More

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Using a GPS Location Tracker for Children – Food for Thought

It seems simple enough. Put some kind of tracker on our kids, and we know they will be safe. We can check up on them and find out where they are whenever we feel like it. Job Done. …but is it? When thinking about using a GPS location tracker for children, it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly and warrants […] Read More

GPS Pet Trackers - True GPS

GPS Pet Trackers – How do they actually work?

Oddly enough, when we talk about GPS pet trackers, often the device we imagine in our heads does not use GPS at all. What we imagine is some kind of cool technology that will simply tell us the location of our pet. After all, that’s what we are looking for, isn’t it? Some kind of pet tracking device that will […] Read More

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About Kay

We have all experienced that moment of panic when we call the dog, the cat, our kids in for dinner and are greeted with silence… Perhaps your dog likes to dig under the fence and explore the neighborhood? Perhaps you have moved home and your kitty cat has decided to journey back to the previous house? Perhaps your pre-teen daughter […] Read More