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Kay SelfieWe have all experienced that moment of panic when we call the dog, the cat, our kids in for dinner and are greeted with silence…

Perhaps your dog likes to dig under the fence and explore the neighborhood? Perhaps you have moved home and your kitty cat has decided to journey back to the previous house? Perhaps your pre-teen daughter is walking home from school for the first time? Maybe your toddler ran off at the park?

Never lose sight of those special people, pets and belongings in your life, and feel secure in knowing that you can locate your precious loved ones at the click of a button…


Hi, I’m Kay. I have 5 children, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Over the years, I have had numerous gut wrenching moments when I have “misplaced” a couple of them!

There was the time when my son had told me he was visiting the library after school, but I had forgotten! 2 hours spent trawling the streets of my local area, calling parents of friends in a panic and a few extra gray hairs later, he wandered into the house asking what was for dinner. I broke down in tears and held my son close for as long as I could before he wriggled free and looked at me like I was a crazy woman.

Or the time when my young excitable Labrador, Chocker, had raced off at a million miles an hour to the opposite side of the park after another dog. By the time I had reached the point I had last seen him, he was gone…. The kids and I spent all night looking for him. My children were devastated, as was I, that our beautiful furry family member may be lost for good. The next day, the children made posters that they stuck up in all the local shop windows, and lampposts in the hope that someone may have found Chocker. I rang the local dog pound, and they had not seen him… The stress and worry and tears that my family faced on this Sunday was something I never wanted to endure again.

This is Chocker!

He had been picked up by a lovely couple on the street a few blocks from the park. They took him to the vet as a “lost dog”, who in turn handed him over to the council, who sent him to the dog pound. However, at the time that I rang the dog pound, he was still at the vets. When he arrived at the pound, it was late on the Sunday evening, and with skeleton weekend staff, no-one contacted me until the Monday…

2 days later, we were reunited with Chocker, and I was introduced to a hefty bill. I had to pay the overnight stay for Chocker at the vet surgery. I had to pay the overnight stay at the dog pound (it was actually a private kennel), I had to pay for a chip to be implanted in Chocker before they would release, and I had to pay a council fine for a ‘lost dog’. I couldn’t believe it. This dog had just cost me close a month’s salary. Of course I had to pay, our pets are family members.

My older daughter has a habit of completely ignoring her curfew…. I sit at home worrying and panicking that she’s been abducted or is lying in a ditch covered in blood somewhere. That’s what parents do, we worry, and we think the worse. Most of the time, she’s playing fashion model and watching YouTube makeup videos at her besties house!

We lost a cat one year. Sparx didn’t come in for his dinner, which set off immediate alarm bells. At 10 pm that night, my daughter and I jumped in the car to search the streets for him. It was snowing, and it was cold and we couldn’t find him, and we told each other he was probably curled up by someones fire and would wander home tomorrow.

Sparx was found by a neighbor the next day. He had been hit by a car and had been thrown into the gutter, and quickly been covered with snowfall. My daughter and I had driven right past him the previous night. Sparx had died. The part of this story that kills me the most, was that Sparx had frozen to death, it wasn’t the injuries from the car hitting him, it was the snow. If we had found him earlier, he may have been able to recover from the accident.

A GPS locator in all these situations would have saved immense worry, stress, time and even the life of my cat.


No parent or pet owner should have to worry, stress or deal with the heartbreak of a lost loved one. In today’s world of modern technology, there are numerous ways to keep track of the locations and whereabouts of those most precious to us. Whether it’s a bracelet, a keyring, a collar, a chip or one of the many other devices designed to GPS locate, we here at MyGPSFriend.com are dedicated to helping you find the solution that will suit your situation, in a discreet and effective manner.


Our goal at MyGPSFriend.com is to do the hard work for you, dissecting the marketplace to show you all options available to you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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    1. Thanks! I’m currently writing an article on teenagers and trust issues and whether we REALLY want to know what they are up to, sometimes ignorance is bliss… stay tuned! – Kay

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